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Our Services

The work we do usually falls into one of three categories:

Talent Strategy Advising

We can help you evaluate, re-envision, and prioritize your talent efforts, by answering questions such as:

  • Are our talent strategy, organizational culture, and ways of operating helping us achieve the goals of our strategic plan? How should they shift?

  • Where are the pain points and bright spots in the staff experience? What's driving them?

  • What should we tackle first in improving staff impact and experience? How?​

  • What goals should we set to measure success in our people practices?

People Practice Design

We'll help you move specific talent management projects forward quickly, with expert perspective and a skilled set of hands.  By bringing together best practice and the perspectives of your leaders and staff, we'll help you make improvements that work in your organization and make a difference. For example: 

  • Performance Management: Modernize the experience, making it less burdensome, more equitable, more impactful

  • Succession/Talent Planning: Establish consistent systems to plan for future leadership and identify development opportunities for staff members, with an equity lens

  • Hiring: Improve hiring outcomes through the redesign of tools and processes

  • Onboarding: Revamp how new staff learn about their role and your organization

  • Core Values: Revisit, refresh, and reground in the essential values that will drive staff behavior

  • Competencies: Articulate the common skills that impact staff effectiveness, and how you'll embed them across the talent lifecycle  


Perhaps you'd like to build the capacity of your team to lead talent management effectively.

We can provide advisory support that helps your team member develop their expertise, either in tandem with other services or as stand-alone support.

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