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Potential Energy

Potential Energy Talent Solutions specializes in human-centered and equitable talent management,

designed to ignite the full potential of your people.

Whether advising you on strategic talent priorities, or rolling up our sleeves

to help you move them forward, we support you to make tangible progress that matters.


Talent Strategy Advising

Do you need to evaluate your people practices and structures to figure out what changes would be highest-impact?

People Practice Design

Do you want to improve a specific part of the talent management cycle

(ex: hiring, performance management, succession planning, etc.)?


Do you have an HR leader who would benefit from developing their talent management expertise?

What Clients Say...

"Sarah is an incredible leader, designer, collaborator, and values-driven colleague. She designs incredibly thoughtful stakeholder engagement and design processes, and she delivers incredible work products that always, always exceed expectations.  I wish she wanted to work [here] full time, because we'd hire her in a heartbeat."
"Sarah has been an asset to [our organization]. We are very impressed with the quality of her work and the depth of her expertise. In addition to providing significant capacity to our team, she serves as a valuable thought partner."
"Sarah is an incredible systems thinker with a passionate learning orientation. You can expect Sarah to engage deeply, seeking to understand both your needs as an organization but also what makes you uniquely you. Sarah understands how equitably designed policies, processes, and systems come together with culture to create effective, values-centered ways of working that accelerate organizational growth. She's the person you want on your team - you can trust that with appreciation for what has come before, she can help you diagnose, rebuild, and reinvest your people in a stronger path forward."

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